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What to measure in a smart city?

Earlier this month I participated in a workshop where the question “what to measure?” was asked in the context of smart cities. I found it an interesting question to consider because it seems certain that ... read more

Value-based transformation

The turn of the millennium has been a frustrating event for many futurists. It was a milestone for many future visions, and as the date came close, it was all the more apparent that their visions were not ... read more

Early inventions and visions

The history of radical concepts started with architects. They have for several centuries been proposing grand visions of how to organise cities, create lively communities, comfortable housing, efficient ... read more

The promise of design thinking

In earlier times, innovation was mainly guided by top-down policy- and strategy-making. In contrast, a vision project employs a bottom-up approach, based on design thinking, in which concrete and ... read more