A blog by Max Munnecke about new technology, human behaviour and social change.

Max Munnecke is an industrial designer, innovation strategist and academic researcher with an interest in the exploration and mapping of innovation opportunities. He believes that innovation can improve quality of life and make an important contribution to solving challenges in modern society, if it is based on thorough investigations of the context and well-cultivated ideas.

The interplay between people and technology is at the heart of his analysis, and depending on the particular subject he will unfold the context from a variety of perspectives to uncover profound insights that can guide the development of radical innovations. The investigation is guided by a methodological framework that he developed during my PhD which integrates concepts, processes and tools from foresight, socio-technical, behavioral, business, innovation and design studies.

Currently Max is looking into data science to better understand how network theory, natural language processing and machine learning can provide insights to the people-technology relationship and diffusion of innovations.